We offer a variety of in-stock prefabricated granite countertops at our Santa Rosa warehouse. Each top is hand-selected from our importer’s stock to ensure consistent colors and high quality in each piece before we bring them into our store.

We offer matching back-splashes as well, but if you’re interested in something with additional character, a decorative tile or combination of tiles can be selected from our showroom. Our salespeople will gladly help you find something that coordinates with your favorite granite!

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What are prefabricated countertops?

Prefabricated simply means that the stone has already been cut to a standard size with either a rounded or squared off edge, making them cost-effective to produce and therefore cost-effective to purchase.

Why should I choose prefab countertops?

Instead of using large slabs of granite that need to be cut, shaped, and edged after your purchase, prefab countertops are virtually ready to install. They simply need a cut-out for your sink and often a few cuts to fit them to the length of your counters. There will be seams at the corners, and when these are done by an experienced installer they will be thin and hardly noticeable.